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DENALI 2.0 DM TriOptic™ LED Light Kit

Kit includes: 2x DM LED Light Pods, Spot Lenses, Wire Harness, DrySeal™ Switch and Mounting Hardware!


Denali 2.0 Light Kits are brighter, more robust, and a lot more versatile. The all new Cree High-Intensity 10 watt LED's are focused through our TriOptic™ Lens System to give you three unique beam patterns in one kit. Equipped with DataDim™ Technology and a modular HotSwap™ wiring harness, the lights can be upgraded in seconds to switch between half and full intensity with your vehicle's original high beam switch. Our DrySeal™ submersible waterproof construction and Impact PC™ Bezels create super durable light and switch housings that can withstand the most extreme environments without giving up.

The DM was designed to concentrate all 2190 lumens into a small optic to create a super compact light that is incredibly bright to look at. These light are the ideal solution for daytime visibility but will still outshine your typical high beam. The installed spot beam lenses create a beam that reaches a distance of 395 feet. The included flood lenses carry an official E-Mark certification and throw a beam of light 150 feet wide.

  • LEDs: (2x) 10 Watt Cree XPL HI
  • Power Draw: 1.6 amps
  • Beam Distance (Spot): 395 ft
  • Beam Width (Spot): 55 ft
  • Raw Lumens: 2190
  • Intensity: Single Intensity Harness
  • DataDim™ Compatible: Yes
  • Operating Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Pod Size: 1.7in Round x 2.4in Deep

Kit Contents:

  1. x2 - LED Light Pod
  2. x2 - M8 Mounting Hardware
  3. x2 - Spot Lens (installed)
  4. x2 - E-Mark Certified Flood Lens
  5. x1 - Single-Intensity Wiring Harness
  6. x1 - DrySeal™ On-Off Switch
  7. x1 - 7/8" Handlebar Switch Mount
  8. x1 - 1" Handlebar Switch Mount
  9. x2 - Self Tapping Screw
  10. x1 - Adhesive Pad
  11. x4 - Zip Tie
  12. x1 - Instruction Manual

Tools Required: 13mm Wrench, 10mm Wrench, 4mm Allen Key, Phillips Head Screw Driver, Test Light, Heat Gun.