WHITES PUNCTURE REPAIR KIT CO2 (Seals Cannister Sml Reg Bag)

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The Whites Puncture Repair Kit contains everything required for emergency roadside repairs of your tubeless tyres, all found in a conveniently sized kit for under seat storage. This kit enables tubeless tyre repair without having to remove the wheel, making it the perfect kit for emergency situations. The kit contains tyre plugs, rubber cement, patches, a scuffer, tyre reamer, insertion tool and CO2 canisters perfect for temporary repairs enabling you to make it home or to the nearest repair centre.

Suitable for tubeless tyres
Perfect for roadside emergencies
Convenient kit fits under the seat
Case Dimensions: 160mm x 100mm x 50mm

Kit Includes:
1x Reamer Tool
1x Hook Tool
1x Tube Rubber Solution
5x Plugs
1x Folding Blade
1x Canister Cover
3x 16g CO2 Canisters
1x Air Flow Adapter Tube
1x Valve Stem Adapter